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Penny Stock Egg Head Review ~ Is It A Scam?

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You probably found this page looking for reviews on the penny stock egghead program. The homepage of Penny Stock Egg Head looks great, Claiming that you can turn $1,000 into millions in just a few trades and who wouldn’t want to do that?

The question on everyones mind is “is penny stock egg head a scam?” and my short answer is YES!, While the results may shock you dont click the X button just yet.

Penny Stock Egg Head is in essence, a stock promoter and while I called Penny Stock Egg Head a scam just a few sentences ago it does not mean that the service is useless.

The value within Penny Stock Egg Head comes from timing the stock promotions correctly which is fairly easy to do. This is just an example of a stock I traded from penny stock egg head which made me a little under 3,000 bucks in just a few days.

On February 15th , Nathan (penny stock egghead) announced that Bonanza Goldfields Corp. (Symbol: BONZ.PK) was his next big pick.  Without delay, I bought 500,000 shares of BONZ at $0.009. A total cost of $4,500.

The next trading day (Feb 16th),as soon as the market opened the stock’s volume soared as expected.
Apparently, the Penny Stock Egghead subscribers are all executing their orders purchasing the same stock which drove the price up to about $0.0099 just in the middle of the trading day. Nathan informed all  of his subscribers to hold on to their position as he “believed it will skyrocket further”.

So the next trading day (Feb 17), it moves up to $0.0125! But wait, who is pushing the price up now? Well, shockingly it is the traders whom are NOT subscribed to the newsletter jumping in because they see the increase in price and dont want to miss out.

I immediately sold half of my shares  (250,000 shares)  at $0.0125. The next trading day (Feb 18), it skyrocketed again to $0.0159! I sold off all my remaining shares and enjoyed the hefty profits (although somehow I felt I sold rather early, but remember this rule – “don’t be greedy”).

In just 3 days I made $2,600 Dollars in profits!

So in conclusion I do think that penny stock egghead is a highly valuable service for savvy traders. You can easily scalp these promotional stocks for thousands of dollars in quick profits. If you are looking for more information on the program just click the link below and you will be taken right to the official penny stock egg head page.

 Average Customer Rating: 4.7/5

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6 thoughts on “Penny Stock Egg Head Review ~ Is It A Scam?

  1. Tom S

    Nice post. I actually signed up to penny stock egg head a few months ago without really knowing how to trade and lost some money holding onto his picks for to long. After reading this post it seems like the key is to sell before the masses. I made almost 6 grand on his last pick. Thanks again

  2. DarkTrader75

    Purchased this program last week after reading your article and on Nathans last stock alert I made 2100 bucks. Nice strategy you have here. I just hope that this technique does not get out because with this secret it is so easy to make money!

  3. Danny Olson

    Im kind of skeptical about purchasing this. I have been burned in the past by these types of programs but when reading it the strategy looks solid.

    • admin Post author

      I understand how you could be skeptical of this program. Any time someone promises you riches it can be worrisome but the good part about egghead is that there is a 60 day money back guarantee so you can try it for 2 months and if you aren’t happy you can just get your money back.

  4. Edmund R.

    Awesome Strategy. I have been using this technique with other stock promotion newsletters for years and have had some easy profits because of it but egghead seems to get in on the best stock promotions before they happen so it is even easier to bank.

  5. Jeff G

    I purchased this product about 6 months ago it seems he isn’t paid for all his picks. But he has a new pick every week so i have went for 2-3 day trades on his picks and have made a total of $13,947 trading his picks. So i cant complain.


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